Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bathtubs and Safety

Learn the options for bathtubs that are barrier-free and easier to use.

Bathroom Barriers?

Open concept, or barrier-free bathrooms are increasing in popularity due to their sophisticated yet simple design, and the accessibility they offer. Flexibility in design is enhanced through the use of tile, which combines hygienic virtues with versatility in décor. Barrier-free bathrooms allow you to create a spa-like retreat, with built-in seats and benches, inset shelves and niches, low-profile linear drains, heated floors, and even steam showers.

When barriers are removed in the shower, a seamless look is achieved throughout the entire bathroom. Large-format tiles can extend from the floor directly into the shower, and without curbs or thresholds, you can exemplify a streamlined, contemporary feel.

Barrier Free

People at any stage in life or of any physical ability should be able to shower and bathe with ease and enjoyment. These products increasingly offer user-friendly features and flexibility to meet the needs and customer lifestyles, ages and abilities.